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    Choose a service that fits your needs and budget. We can save you up to 80% on lawyer fees.
    Our technology checks for hundreds of errors, and every application is double checked by a lawyer.
    Get help from start to finish, from learning about your options to completing forms and organizing your documents.
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    Just answer basic questions, we’ll handle the rest. Never deal with complex USCIS forms & instructions.


    You will always know what you are paying & what you are getting. No surprises.


    Every lawyer in our network has been pre-screened to ensure quality and honesty.


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    Step 1: Answer simple questions

    Take a couple minutes to provide some basic information about you and your immigration needs.

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    Step 2: Discover your immigration options

    Based on your answers, we instantly show you what immigration options you qualify for. Our software checks for hundreds of different immigration options and gives you a personalized eligibility report.

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    Step 3: Choose a service to help you apply

    Select from our free or low cost plans. We offer services that fit your needs and budget.

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    Step 4: Answer questions to complete your government forms

    Guided by our easy-to-use application wizard, you will answer questions that we need to complete your government forms. Our software will automatically check for errors and accurately complete all of the right forms for you.

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    Step 5: Upload your supporting documents

    We provide a personalized list of other documents (like your birth certificate, for example) that you need for a complete application. Just upload your documents to finish your application!

What People are saying

Yan M - Deferred Action

Naturalization Customer

“Bridge U.S. was so helpful during my naturalization process. They made the process so easy and I am now a U.S. citizen! I would recommend it to anyone in need of immigration help.”

Yan M.

Bahareh O - Family Green Card

Family Green Card Customer

“I was really glad to find Bridge U.S. for my sibling’s immigration issue and so satisfied with the help from their customer service team.”

Bahareh O.

Joao C

Deferred Action Customer

“Bridge U.S. helped me complete what needed to be done in order to send my application. They even helped me connect to a great lawyer. I don’t know what I would have done if it had not been for the help I got from this company.”

Joao C.

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    Michael Serotte
    Buffalo, New York

  • Kerri-Ann Griggs

    Kerri-Ann Griggs
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • John Ting

    John Ting
    Dallas, Texas

  • Namita Agarwal

    Namita Agarwal
    Andover, Massachusetts

  • Caroline Barnes

    Caroline Barnes
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  • Brandon Gillin

    Brandon Gillin
    Seattle, Washington

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